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Dear all,
what do you please call a specialised hardware store for connecting materials? I'm not finding the phrase on google.
Anything to connect pieces together.
Such as, when you need a screw of specific thread length, diameter rendered in 5 different types of heads - one for normal screwdriver, one for cross screwdriver, one half-round etc.. you would not go to a normal hardware shop but to this one. Here's a catalogue for one: Sortiment materiálu | J.K.SCHRAUBEN Bratislava
Thank you.
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    What do you please call a specialised hardware store for connecting materials fasteners?
    Coincidentally, I have been looking for screws of various specialised types, small springs, files, etc. I found a wonderful engineering supply company who had everything I wanted - except once... and then I had to go to a "specialist fastener supplier" in the next town for 12 rather rare bolts.

    In my experience, the sort of shop you describe is usually involved in selling to a trade and also sell tools, safety gear, various gauges and meters and occasionally work wear, etc. (I notice your client does much the same but has a main trade in fasteners.)

    Looking at the words in your link - I suspect that your client is a "[specialist] fastener supplier/distributor" - have a look at Buy Nuts, Bolts, Screws & Washers - Standard Fasteners & Specialist Fasteners | Orbital Fasteners - Orbital Fasteners The page for "Orbital Fasteners Ltd." and see if that is the sort of business that J.K.SCHRAUBEN Bratislava run.

    Neither of the suppliers I visited have a real title as their stock is varied. The conversation usually goes:

    A: I want a domed-head, countersunk, chrome, 35mm by 6mm metric fine, left-hand-thread, hex-drive, bolt with 10mm shank. Where can I get them?"
    B: Try "Orbital Fasteners Ltd." They sell everything." :D



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    That is it precisely! Completely unfamiliar word, except now I remembered seatbelts. I was interested to see in the dictionary that it has 'securely attach' sense, not just simple 'connect' sense. It is not stated as a synonym for 'connect' in our dictionary.

    It's exactly for traders as you say, or for hobbyists wanting to build a barn. Also good place to go for any customer who doesn't know what they're doing - small hardware shops have closed down and mostly have been replaced by places in supermarket where the staff don't really know enough to give advice.

    Thank you very much, PaulQ!
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