connecting three things, using between


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I could have a chance to consider realtionship between language and power, and one betwee language and identity.

what would be the best way to connect each others??
The sentence above is what I came up with, but I feel something is really weired in the sentence!!

Please help me! Thank you :)
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    I'm afraid that I don't understand your question, Annashin:(.

    Are you asking us to correct your sentence? In which case, I'm sorry, we don't do proofreading or correction of texts here....

    Or do you have a specific question about "between"?


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    Thank you!
    I was asking about the usage of "between" as stated in the title
    I have three things to connect: language, power, and identity.

    But I don't know how to do that!
    what I came up with-realtionship between language and power, and one between language and identity is difinitely weird!!

    Hope you will understand my question :)


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    I think if you're comparing all three things equally, as your question implies, it would be most natural to simply say "the relationship between language, power, and identity", using the exact structure that you used to list them in your post just now(!)
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