connecting with consumers where they congregate

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By connecting with consumers where they congregate, retailers can attract customers, increase loyalty, improve customer service, enhance product innovation and, ultimately, drive new sales. (SOURCE)

This is from a research report of Economist Intellligence Unit and it's about social shoppers.
I think "where they congregate" means a place(possibly online) where consumers meet and exchange information.
I'd like to know what the underlined part means.
Does it mean "connecting a place with consumers" or "connecting with consumers at a place"?
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    Sellers want to reach as many potential buyers as possible.

    To do that, it is most efficient to reach, or connect with, potential buyers in the places that those buyers can be most easily found.

    Those are the places in which those buyers gather, or congregate.


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    Notice, Wookie, that your source talks about social media and its effects on business before the passage that you cite. People who want to market their products to these consumers should find ways to do this on social websites like "Facebook", etc. It means "connecting with consumers at a place".
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