1. gasp New Member

    please, how would you translate the french world "connerie" as a real stupid and serious mistake.

    i guess it is a synonymous of the vulgar term DOGSHIT, but i'd prefer to use another term, if there is one (no matter if it is vulgar too)
  2. campbellk2

    campbellk2 Senior Member

    Scotland English
    It may be possible to say:

    a screw-up
    a fuck-up

    However, I am unsure if these are too vulgar.
  3. wildan1

    wildan1 Moderando ma non troppo (French-English, CC Mod)

    Welcome to the Forum, gasp!

    Your suggestion of "dogshit" made me laugh when I read it!. It sounds funny, but it's not really a translation of connerie. Dog shit (two words) is really just, well, what you sometimes step in on the street (especially in France!)

    A screw-up or (more vulgar) a fuck-up are pretty good translations.

    Or if you are talking about something, dire des conneries would be say/tell bullshit or talk trash
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  4. campbellk2

    campbellk2 Senior Member

    Scotland English
    dogshit is the translation provided in the WR dictionary, although it did not make sense to me either.
  5. gasp New Member

    that will fit perfectly!

    thanks campbellk2
  6. alex19 Member

    English - Australia
    Or stuff-up, which is milder till. Sometimes I think the french seem a bit less up tight than english-speakers when using words that are more offensive or vulgar. Does anyone else agree? Translating the severity of phrases is always a bit hard.
  7. gasp New Member

    ha ha! you are right wildan, especially in france and especially in my street.
    you write so fast that i cant read every post before you write it!

    thanks to you wildan & campbellk
  8. gasp New Member

    & alex
  9. wGraves New Member

    The term connerie derives from the word 'con,' a noun. The literal translation of 'con' is 'cunt,' but normally it is used as an adjective to mean 'stupid' or 'idiotic' (no sexism left in French slang, apparently). Connerie, a noun, evokes a grand convocation of idiots to celebrate the virtues of stupidity. A vulgar translation might be 'Cluster Fuck.' A gentile version might be 'Wingnut Convention.'
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  10. ginijeanne New Member

    English - America
    Actually, WR DOES translate the word as "fuck up" and "bullshit". And, since most every noun in French must be designated as masc. or fem. (except "procureur", which I once was, among a few others), a man is "con", a woman is "conne" (think I spelled it correctly). [...]

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