Connessione internet via cavo


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Ciao ragazzi!!
in ambito alberghiero dovrei dire che
la tariffe include la connessione ADSL internet via cavo (nel senso che non è wifi) dalla camera gratuita
Io direi:
The rate includes free wired broadband connection in all the rooms

come vi sembra???
  • Io direi:
    "Rates include (room) broadband wire-connection" o più semplicemente "free broadband wire-connection" lasciando via rates, rooms e aspetta un nativo o qualcuno di esperto.
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    That seems fine to me (your original attempt).
    Personally if I was writing it I would say "free broadband connection available (cable provided)".

    I've just recently moved into Student Halls and there was a note in the packs that said some halls were WiFi and others were not, and it said (cable provided), so maybe that's why that seemed the most normal to me, because I had recently read a similar thing. But 'wired broadband connection' is clear and everybody would understand it.
    Thank you so much Nunou and Alxmrphi!!
    I think I will use free broadband wire-connection.
    Thanks for your help!!