1. Artrella Banned

    Hi, how do you say "connivencia" in English?

    The context is this : A girl who works in a bar steals money and one of the partners knows what's going on. Then they share the money.

    How do you describe this situation. In Spanish is " ellos actúan en connivencia"

    Thx in advance :p !
  2. Lancel0t

    Lancel0t Senior Member

    Philippines - Filipino/English
    How about conspiracy?
  3. Isolde Senior Member

    Peru Spanish
    They are working "in complicity".

    Also.........."She is obviously in cahoots with him."

    Lancelot: complicity implies that they have planned something from the beginning. This is not the case here.
  4. Neru Senior Member

    UK - Inglés
    Hi Artrella. I would say: " they act in collusion".
  5. Isolde Senior Member

    Peru Spanish
    Neru....wouldn't "in collusion" be used mainly when talking about government organizations or big enterprises? This is a girl in a bar...with a crook for a boss...
  6. te gato

    te gato Senior Member

    Calgary, Alberta
    Alberta--TGE (te gato English)
    Hola Art;
    I would call them "Accomplices"--It means that they are partners in crime..
    te gato;)
  7. Edwin

    Edwin Senior Member

    Tampa, Florida, USA
    USA / Native Language: English
    Right, collusion is too highfalutin!

    They connived to do the dirty deed.

    Connive and connivencia perhaps have the same roots.

  8. Isolde Senior Member

    Peru Spanish
    Common use : "The conniving bitch!"...or "The conniving bastard!" :D
  9. Neru Senior Member

    UK - Inglés
    Hmm, I can't see anything highfalutin about 'they acted in collusion', but then I can only speak from a British perspective.
    Obviously it depends on who is the person reporting the situation; somehow I can't imagine a news journalist writing 'they connived to do the dirty deed', but if you were discussing the incident in a bar then possibly you would say something like that.
    Notice that Artrella's original phrase was 'ellos actúan en connivencia' and, given the context, I think that 'they acted in collusion' or 'they worked in complicity' (as suggested by Isolde) are both fine.
  10. Neru Senior Member

    UK - Inglés
    Or if you prefer a uni-sex (UK) version: "The conniving tw*t!".

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