connotation of "takılmak" when talking about a person


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British English
Phrase: "Her zamanki gibi E’ye çok takıldım yine".

Context: this is a girl writing about a guy (whose name begins with E) with whom she has quite a complicated relationship. They haven't seen each other for a few weeks (as she's on a long summer vacation) and there have been a few arguments via text.

My question is about the exact connotation of takıldım here. The verb takılmak here seems to have all sorts of potential meanings in English, from "be stuck on", or "be hung up on", to "hang out with", "lark about with", "keep in with". These cover a wide range of emotions, and it's not clear to me if takıldım is supposed to be positive (she's hung up on the guy, i.e. has a thing about him), neutral (she's simply hanging out/texting the guy) or negative ("keep in with" might even imply deception).

Is it possible to tell what exactly she means here? Thanks!
  • alibey71

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    "Takılmak" means "tease" here. If it meant "be hung op on" or "hang out with", the phrase had to be "E'yle çok takıldım yine".