connu comme un vieux sou


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Can you tell me what this means:

J’étais connu comme un vieux sou.

It come in a transcribed interview with a trade unionist from the Nord talking about how she knew lots of people in the region because of all the strikes she led. Does it mean something like 'being part of the furniture'?

Thank you for your help
  • rcs26

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    There haven't been any other spelling mistakes so far in the transcription I am reading and if you google the expression it comes up as a regular crossword clue.

    Chat Perché

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    I have already heard the expression 'être connu comme un vieux sou', which means to be very well-known in a neighbourhood / locally.
    A similar expression is 'être connu comme le loup blanc'


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    Les résultats d'une rapide recherche font penser qu'il s'agit d'une expression belge. Je n'ai pas encore trouvé son origine.
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