consacre à mes yeux


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I am trying to translate this sentence:

le caractere britanique de cette intiative consacre a mes yeux l'universalite de la passion portee au cinema francais.

My attempt:

The nature of this british initiative convinces me of the universality of the passion held for french cinema.

Any suggestions welcomed!

  • TeaForTwo

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    The literal equivalent would be "consecrate" I think. (If you want to keep the religious touch). But although English is not my first language, it sounds weird to me.

    So, I would rather say "... confirms to me..." or "according to me"

    I hope it will at least make the meaning more clear and help you find a proper translation.


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    not sure about the part you want to translate, but I think it should start:
    the Britishness of this initiative (the caractère is British, not the initiative)

    how about ... makes it plain for me to see ...(not very exciting words though)


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    The Britishness of this initiative is what I understood.

    Yes, I find it very well put. Of course an English mother tongue speaker would be probably more reliable as for the style.

    Anyway, it gives the exact meaning of the French sentence.
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