Consecuencias políticas y económicas...

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  1. Miri_am Senior Member

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    This is which I must translate: "consecuencias políticas y sociales llevan a gran parte de la población a sufrir muchas necesidades "

    And my try: "Politic and social consequences have led an important part of the population to suffer hardhip"

    Does it sound too literal?? Hope you can help me, thank you !!


    PD: By the way... does the word "literal" have the same meaning as in Spanish?? :)
  2. claretranslates

    claretranslates Member

    Literal has the same meaning...
    Lo que no sé es cómo hacer para que no te quede tan literal... ojalá un nativo te responda :)
  3. Miri_am Senior Member

    Spanish - Barcelona

    Mil gracias !!! :D


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