Conseguir/obtener la licencia de conducir

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  1. Ummakul New Member

    Hola a todos:
    Estoy confundida con dos verbos- conseguir y obtener. ¿Cuáles son correctos?

    1. Por fin, conseguí(obtuve) la licencia de chofer.
    2. Al conseguir(obtener) un empleo, necesitas irte de mi casa.

    favor de corregir mis errores. Mil gracias.

  2. aztlaniano

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    "Conseguir" would most likely be used in both cases, in Spain. "Obtener" sounds rather formal. Less formally, in Spain, you could use "sacar" for the licence (but not for the job).
    If by "licencia de chofer" you mean "driving licence", that's not used anywhere that I know of.
  3. Aviador

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    In this other end of the Spanish speaking world it is exactly the same.

    Instead of the verb necesitar of your second example, we would normally use tener or deber: Al conseguir(obtener) un empleo, tienes que irte de mi casa; Al conseguir(obtener) un empleo, debes irte de mi casa.
    I also agree about the fact that licencia de chofer is not a normal way of saying driving licence. Another word very often used instead of licencia is carnet/carné.
  4. Ummakul New Member

    Gracias!! Me ayudó mucho.
  5. Malatinta

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    "Sacar" is a more usual way to refer to getting a licence.

    "Me he sacado el carnet" (Spain)
    "Saqué la licencia" (most other countries).
  6. macame

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    En España:
    He sacado el carné de conducir (informal).
    He obtenido el permiso de conducir (formal).

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