conseil de classe

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  1. mattaku

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    French (France)
    How would you translate conseil de classe in English? I'm talking about the school meeting where teachers and class reps discuss the results and marks of each pupil.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Deb Worton Senior Member

    Hampshire, Great Britain
    English (UK), Great Britain
    School council is the term used in our local school.
  3. Enitram2 Member

    France French
    But is school council about how the students are doing in each subject?
  4. wildan1

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    We don't have anything exactly like le conseil de classe in France in the US.

    In most of our secondary schools the students do not remain in the same grouping all day, so the idea of a common meeting of teachers for a common group of students doesn't make much sense in our context.

    Teachers' conference could describe it, but in our context we would not necessarily understand that it is a set meeting at the end of each term, as it is in France. And the concept of having parents and students present isn't known.
  5. marget Senior Member

    Can you tell me what you mean by class reps? Only parents can discuss students' progress with teachers here. We have privacy laws against others doing so, as far as I know.
  6. Neuchy Senior Member

    English - NZ
    There is no exact équivalent to "Conseil de classe". It is split into two different concepts in English:
    The "parent-teacher interview/meeting" : this only describes a meeting however, usually between one or more teachers with each parent separately (donc un entretien prof-parent). It reviews the progress of each child not general issues affecting the school/all students etc.
    A school council/school board/board of trustees(NZ) is a group of elected representatives of staff and parents of students that meet regularly to discuss issues affecting the school as a whole such as serious discipliary matters.
  7. moustic Senior Member

    near Limoges
    British English
    I would say that the "Conseil de classe" is something entirely different.

    "Rencontre parents-professeurs" is the "parent-teacher meeting.
    "Conseil d'administration" is the "school council".

    The meeting of the "conseil de classe" includes all the teachers of a particular class (l'équipe pédagogique), two student reps (délégués de classe) and two parents (délégués parents) and is presided by the headteacher or his deputy. They discuss the results and behaviour of each pupil in the class before issuing the term report (le bulletin trimestriel).
    Having said that, I agree that there is no equivalent.
  8. bing181 Senior Member

    English (Australian)
    Agree with Moustic.

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