conseil en matière de chevaux

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  1. janac Senior Member

    Is this phrase an idiom in French?
    council on horses?

    This is part of one sentence in a very long legal document:

    Il à proposer une activité fictive de "conseil en matière de chevaux" offrant selon ses termes, "une parode efficace, mais aussi une façade parfaitement légale.

    .... a fictitious activity, a "council on horses" offering, in his words, ...."
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  2. newuser10 Senior Member

    US English
    how about, "he proposed a fictitious equestrian consultancy business, providing what he called ...."
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  3. SwissPete

    SwissPete Senior Member

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    Where did you get the original sentence from?

    "Il à proposer" contains two mistakes... :(
  4. GerardM

    GerardM Senior Member

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    ... waiting for the response to SwissPete's question...

    My first thought is that "conseil" here is simply "advice" (activity of "advisor", "consultant").
  5. janac Senior Member

    It's a document I've been asked to translate.
  6. janac Senior Member

    Since the phrase was in quotes, I was wondering if it was an idiom or saying in French. Like "red herring" or "front business" in English. Based on your responses, probably not. So I'll simply translate it more or less literally.
  7. GerardM

    GerardM Senior Member

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    I understood the quotes and their content as a short (exact) description of the activities of a freelance consultant, nothing more.
  8. petit1 Senior Member

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    Another mistake, but it may be a typo, in "parode" , which may have been written instead of "parodie".

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