1. dede777 New Member

    Quelle est la traduction anglaise de "conseils d'achat", dont le sens irait avec ce contexte :

    "Après avoir expliqué à mes clients comment choisir par eux-mêmes une bonne canne à pêche , je leur en suggère quelques unes"
  2. Enquiring Mind

    Enquiring Mind Senior Member

    UK/Česká republika
    English - the Queen's
    Hello dede777. "Customer advice" is probably a good option, but it would help to have a full sentence.
  3. wendyredredrobin

    wendyredredrobin Senior Member

    English UK
    Purchasing advice...
  4. dede777 New Member

    Ok thanks!

    I just want to add something because I am not 100% sure I explained well what I m looking for:

    I directly propose some products, and do not give some "tips" or "advices" to be able to choose better... That's why I first thought about "buying recommendations", but I think it s wrong because I found it almost nowhere on internet...

    So in the expressions "customer advice" and "purchasing advice" does "advice" means "what products you should buy", or does it mean "how you should choose a product" ?
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  5. joelooc

    joelooc Senior Member

    French (Provence)
    "(buying) recommendations" is what I get three times a day from Amazon .co.uk:p
  6. dede777 New Member

    Hello Joelooc, they say "buying recommendations" or "recommendations" alone?
  7. joelooc

    joelooc Senior Member

    French (Provence)
    Just "recommendations" but it's pretty clear they don't mean these recommendations concern the way I behave;)
  8. dede777 New Member

    Ok I'll use that. thank you ;)

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