conseils de dégustation

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  1. leapfrog Senior Member

    Hi. Could anyone help me translate "conseils de dégustation" here?

    ils vous feront entrer dans l’univers du Roquefort et vous donneront des conseils de dégustation

    they will invite you into the world of Roquefort and give you tasting suggestions.

    Tasting suggestions doesn't sound quite right. Would it be better to say "serving suggestions"?
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    You're right -- 'serving suggestions" is the common expression.

    You could also say: 'They will let you into the world...
  3. wildan1

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    Serving suggestions is correct, of course. But it doesn't convey the "flavor" of a word like dégustation.

    You could say will give you some suggestions on how best to enjoy its flavor
  4. leapfrog Senior Member

    Thanks both!

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