conseils judicieusement négatifs de tous ceux qui oeuvrent pour la suprematie


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Bonjour à tous!

I have a phrase here which i'm struggling to understand... maybe someone can enlighten me as to what it means?

"combattons les idées largement répandues et les conseils judicieusement négatifs de tous ceux qui oeuvrent pour la suprematie "rassurante" et calculatrice de Babylone.

So far this is what I have, but it's not up to scratch because I don't understand the source phrase, and there are lots of different definitions for 'oeuvrer', 'rassurante', 'calculatrice' etc.

If we don’t want our children- and the adults they will become- to become guinea pigs to the Babylon system, let us oppose/fight against these wide-spread ideas and judiciously negative advice of all those work for the ‘comforting’, conniving Babylon

Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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    LOL if you go on like this the ECHELON network will dedicate a computer to WR monitoring :D.

    I'll propose:
    "let's fight against these widespread ideas and the cunningly negative advices of all those who work for the 'soothing' supremacy of a scheming Babylon"

    "conniving" conveys an idea of conspiracy. Here I think the idea behind "calculatrice" is more that of manipulation, a speech tailored to produce a given effect (soothing in that case).
    I also took the liberty to restore the "suprématie" that had apparently been lost in translation. :)


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    My suggestion:

    Let us combat/offset the prevailling ideas and the crafty negative advices of all those working for the mollifying supremacy of a duplicitous Babylon


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    I came across this post when looking up a translation for "judicieusement."
    I would just like to comment that "conseils" is usually translated as advice and not advices in English, although this might be a BE vs AE usage...
    Donner des conseils à quelqu'un = to give someone advice.
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