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  1. voovoo Member

    I am trying to translate Consejeria de Educacion de la Junta de Andalucia into English

    The context: Pues una bruja dea y malvada llamada Consejeria de Educacion de la Junta de Andalucia, que es grande, terrible y muy poderosa.

    The problem : Consejeria could normally mean just a Department(Am I right?) of the Andalucian Autonomous Government a but as in this sentence could it be translated as a Regional Ministry of Education or simply put it as Regional Minister of Education?

    My attempt: Well, an ugly and evil witch called Regional Ministry(Minister?) of Education of the Andalusian Autonomous Government who is great, terrible and powerful.

    I will be grateful for any attempt of help
  2. furie Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    Minister sería el consejero de la Junta
  3. azuos Senior Member

    Education council of the board of Andalusia.
  4. furie Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    Intenta investigar cómo llaman oficialmente en la Junta a las consejerías en inglés.
    La Generalitat Valenciana utiliza por ejemplo la fórmula propuesta:
    Regional Ministry of European Affairs of the Valencian Regional Government
    Pero puede tener otras formas
  5. voovoo Member

    What about the Regional Minister? I believe the text refers to Teresa Jimenez Vilchez Consejera de Educacion.
  6. furie Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    If you talk about the Consejera then use minister, if you talk about the department then use ministry.
  7. voovoo Member

    It sounds logical to me the Regional Ministry but can I go a bit further and use the form of Regional Minister? In this text it refers to a certain real person responsible for certain actions educational (acording to the author -demonised actions).
  8. voovoo Member

    That is what I have meant by my aforementioned question.

    Thank you
  9. furie Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    But then say Minister for...
  10. voovoo Member

    Regional Minister for Education?
    Regional Minister of Education?
  11. furie Senior Member

    Spain, Spanish
    Ministry of...
    Minister for...
    Or at least that's the way I use it.
  12. azuos Senior Member

    regional minister of education
  13. voovoo Member

    I think I will stay with the regional minister of education

    Thanks a lot
  14. signatus

    signatus New Member

    Spanish - Spain
    What about "Andalusia's Board of Education" or "Andalusian Education Board"?

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