Conservar y cuidar el medio ambiente

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    Hola de nuevo podrian checar este parrafo y traducir las palabras que estan subrayadas ? Muchas Gracias por su ayuda!!!!!

    Spanish club made such an impact in my high school years since it made to stay true to my roots as well as making me feel like at home;Furthermore, we would do activities and celebrate some holidays that are celebrated in Mexico; In addition, We would focus on sharing the spanish culture with others. and we would always make sure to do activities in order to conservar y cuidar el medio ambiente
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    Usted escribe muy bien. Yo corecte pocos correciones en rojo tambien. :)
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    Hola, order to preserve and take care of the environment.
  4. whabash090 New Member

    Spanish club had such a positive impact on me during my high school years because it made me stay true to my roots and made me feel like I was at home. We did activities and celebrated some holidays that are celebrated in Mexico. In addition we focused on sharing the Spanish culture with others. Furthermore we always made sure to do activities concerning the conservation and care of the environment.

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