Conservation de fruit

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I need help for the translation of the French word "conservation".
I mean to use the word as in:
"voici divers conseils concernant sa maturation, sa conservation et sa consommation (when talking about a fruit)".

"Preservation" doesn't seem to be adequat as I don't mean to do anything specific to the fruit except put it in the fridge or in a dry place. Or can "preservation" be used regardless of what we do with the fruit?

I'm not too sure about "keeping", how would I put that in the sentence?
"here is some advice on its ripening, its keeping, its consumption"?
"here is some advice on how to ripen, keep and consume fruit"?

Isn't there something better out there?


I'm fluent in both languages, but it just all sounds a little iffy whatever I do...

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    Both of your sentences work, but it sounds a bit better in the first sentence because 'keeping' as a noun (ie: 'the keeping of this fruit') implies more the meaning you're looking for, whereas in the second sentence it's a verb ('how to keep fruit'), it can be interpreted 'keep' the way you intended or 'keep' as in 'to hold on to' or 'to retain ownership'. Both sentences have the meaning you are looking for.

    Despite that, the second sentence flows a little more naturally.

    Your question about 'preservation', yes you can use it for things like keeping the fruit in a dry place, cold place, etc. but it tends to imply that there is some sort of chemical preservative or a process (such as drying the fruit) involved.

    I'm not sure if there actually is a direct English equivalent to 'conservation' in the manner you're speaking of. As I understand it, "conservation" encompasses 'preservation' and 'storage'. Kirakuni8 has a point, I'd say 'storage' works best in your case.
    I would write it as "here is some advice on how to ripen, store, and consume fruit."
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