Conservation officer



I am trying to write my CV, and I am trying to write that I worked together with (or in collaboration with) conservation officers last summer.
I worked in a provincial park in a campground booth. I am having a hard time translating any of it, as it's all phrases and expressions from English.

I need help finding what a conservation officer (in a provincial park - ie. Canada. or even a national park) is called in French. Officeur de conservation? I don't think so, I want this CV to sound good, and professional.

Furthermore, would anyone be able to help me describe a campground booth and the tasks involved in French? So far I have

Inscrire les touristes, exécuter les règlements du parc, collaborer avec [conservation officers], répondre au téléphone, aider les touristes, et [respond to emergencies]

How would I best say respond to emergencies in a way that sounds professional? I don't want to use the verb répondre a second time, does anyone know anything better? Otherwise, I would say répondre aux urgences...

Thank you!!!
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