considéré recevable

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Le 17 décembre 2008 dejà, la Cour de cassation avait considéré recevable l’action en
nullité du ministère public de transcription des actes de naissance d’enfants nés aux États -Unis
d’une mère porteuse.

I'm not sure how to translate. Finally, according to the court decision, is it possible to register in France?

Merci beaucoup
  • LivingTree

    English - Canadian
    Recevable is a very difficult word in this sense. "Admissible" as suggested by Keith is often used, but that actually doesn't mean anything in English; we don't talk about actions being admissible. (Evidence is recevable/admissible.)

    All the court has done is agree that the case may be heard (that is, it may proceed to trial and judgment) when it finds a case recevable; it has not heard it or made a decision.

    So I would say that the Cour de Cassation held that the action in nullity could be heard.

    In an actual English situation, we might be more likely to say that the court refused to dismiss the action, but I would stick closer to the French in translating that text.

    However, if it is the Cour de Cassation itself that will be hearing the case (I think it probably is not), you could say that the Court agreed to hear the action.
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