Consider/ consider that

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mattie fae

Senior Member
Dear member,

I know that the verb consider is a transitive verb; e.g. “You have to consider this option” or “I considered buying a new car”.
But, I’ ve come across a following sentence:

“Such praise may be extraordinary considering that she was initially, for many decades, a strong opponent.”

I would convey it without that. Would I do the wrong thing? Why is conjunction that in it?

  • Keith Bradford

    Senior Member
    English (Midlands UK)
    These are two different constructions:
    • Consider + noun.
    • Consider that + clause.
    As such, they are no different from many other verbs, such as: Do you see the flag?... Do you see that your argument is faulty? / I understand your message... I understand that you want to see me...

    But this is complicated by the fact that we often leave out the word that in casual conversation, and even in formal writing if the meaning is clear. It's not a fault.
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