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Would you please help me with the following sentence? Does the verb "consider" or "coundted' sounds ok in the sentence?

The method proposed in this research for semi-automatic construction of the WordNet of verbs has been considered/coundted to be a modern method amongst others.

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    I'm not sure why you want that verb tense "has been considered". To me that usage would only be desirable if you want to stress things that have historically happened, while also include the idea that such considerations are still relevant (even if not agreed with). If you wanted simply to stress that the consideration happened in the past I'd say "was considered".
    Also, "to be" here is not strictly necessary. I think maybe including "to be" removes you as the speaker/writer from the subject matter-- you are not (at the immediate present) offering an opinion as to the validity of this consideration, only stating what has historically been thought. I'd get rid of it.
    Also, the "amongst others" is a bit unclear. Do you mean "compared to others", meaning that this construction is more modern than others, or do you mean "in addition to others" meaning that the construction is relatively modern, but there are other relatively modern methods also? I think "amongst" doesn't really distinguish the method as different especially, it places the method in the same abstract grouping "amidst/amongst" the others.
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