consider to be my native city

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    John-Paul is right. You'll have to describe what it is you're trying to express. Personally, I would go with his initial suggestion geboortestad. It is a correct translation of the phrase native city and if the expression "ik beschouw ... als" preceeds the word geboorteplaats, then it would be sufficiently clear to the reader (or listener) that … isn't actually you're place of birth, but a place you've come to associate as such.

    Another possible translation for native city would be simply woonplaats, but I don't think it is all that appropriate given the context you've suggested: you'd loose the emotional attachment as expressed through I consider...

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    Maybe a very late answer but it might still be helpful:

    I would say: "Ik beschouw het als mijn tweede thuis." (I consider it my second home(town))