considered at / in Friday's meeting || at / in the meeting


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hi, i wonder this because for me it´s been really complicated,
for example you can find, "i will go on friday", but also i´ve found something like "this topic will be cosidered at friday"
any mistake will be well recieved
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    "This topic will be considered at Friday's meeting.":tick:: <-----Spanish phrases removed by moderator (Florentia52)----->
    "This topic will be considered at Friday."::cross:
    "This topic will be considered on Friday.":tick::<…>
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    Where did you see "this topic will be cosidered at friday"? I can't imagine a native speaker saying or writing this.

    (Please note that sentences in English always start with a capital letter. And we always capitalise days of the week and the personal pronoun 'I')


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    I was checking and I found that what really confused me
    She is now at a meeting
    Why not
    She is now in a meeting


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    Hi, I wonder about this:
    ou can find, "I will go on Friday", but also I've found something like, "This topic will be considered at Friday."
    Any advice will be well received.
    The second sentence is just wrong; I assume it wasn't written by a native speaker. Only "on Friday" is correct.

    What really confused me:
    She is now at a meeting.
    Why not:
    She is now in a meeting.
    They're both acceptable. "In a meeting" is more often used, but "at a meeting" is okay as well. But "in" or "at" Friday (or any day of the week or calendar date) is not okay.

    I know it's confusing; learners of English often find prepositions the hardest thing to understand. You just have to learn and remember them. You'll find they'll become natural after a while.


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    Could you help me with this:
    What is the correct sentence?
    See you at the meeting
    See you in the meeting
    The idea is to express that we will meet until the meeting
    Please if I've got any mistakes please correct me, please
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