"considering it merely a love affair"


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I tried to translate a quote from Vietnamese into English:
"As a youth, we leave our love behind considering it merely a love affair, but then we realise it is our whole life."

I wonder if I can use "considering" (present participle), and use "merely" in this position?
By the way, Should I use 'only' or 'just' instead of 'merely'?

I hope to receive your advice.
Many thanks in advanced.
  • dojibear

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    The part "considering it merely" is correct. There is no problem.

    "Just" would mean the same as "merely" here. Either one means the same as the longer phrase "nothing more than a", and implies it is unimportant. "Only" could be used, but does not express the meaning clearly. Of the three, I prefer "merely".
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