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I am looking for a synonym of "considering" to avoid using it twice in a row.

Despite increasing Euroscepticism, the government and convinced Europhiles are considering the necessity of greater economic integration and convergence, which could even result in a federal Europe. They are also considering redesigning the EU institutions and introducing joint Eurobonds, a minor point of contention between Angela Merkel and Wolfgang Schäuble.

Can I replace the 2nd one with "talking about"?
  • wandle

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    I think you are safe with 'talking about' in the second case here, though it is a good general rule, if you are referring to the same process, to keep to the same word: even at the cost of repetition. This rule matters especially in politics, where every word may be scrutinised for deeper meaning.


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    Actually, in this instance, I'd opt for keeping the repetition, because it serves to tie together the things they're considering. (This is a matter of style, not grammar.)


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    Personally, I think you may do it either way.
    Parla's point is valid (and in effect agrees with the second part of my comment) but since 'talking about' is, in this context, practically the same in meaning as 'considering', the effect of tying the ideas together is still achieved.
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