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Here is a sentence from my homework at school:
" Considering this shop is the most expensive in town, the quality of its products is of a very low standard(!)
a. The products of this shop are considered to be very low quality, yet it is among the most expensive shops in town
b. Because of the high standard of its products, this shop is the one with the highest prices in town
c. Among the town's most expensive ones, this shop is renowned for the high standard of its products
d. One would expect higher quality products from this shop as it is more expensive than all the others in town
I chose b but my teacher chose d, why?
I don't understand about "considering"!I don't get the sentence (!)
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    If you look at the forum dictionary you will see that considering (that) is a conjunction meaning given that/in view of the fact that. It has nothing to do with the shop being considered to be expensive.


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    The original sentence says that the products are of low quality. (The language it uses to say it is, in my opinion, odd, but that's what it says.) The sentence (b) says that its prices are of high quality; that contradicts the original statement. The sentence (d) reflects the original statement (and in much better language).
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