consign for [co-sign cosign]


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Persian (Farsi)
Don't let nobody consign for you.(Evander Holyfield. boxer)

What does the sentence mean? (a boxer has said it!)
Why the preposition of consign is "for"?

consign /kənˈsʌɪn/
▶verb deliver to someone's custody. ■ send (goods) by a public carrier.
■ (consign someone/thing to) put someone or something in (a place) in order to be rid of them.
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    You need to tell us your source (as always) and make sure you've transcribed it correctly (I'm pretty sure it's cosign not consign).


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    Oh, I'm sorry, misspelling. Yeah it is cosign.
    It's a single sentence unrelated to the others, taken from the book Dance Fisrt Think Later by Katheryn Petras.

    Does "cosign for someone" means "signing on someone's behalf"?
    "signing something together"?


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    Generally it's used in a situation where, for example, I need a loan but I don't have sufficient income or collateral. So I get you to cosign; it means you become responsible for the debt as well, so that the lender is more likely to be repaid.
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