Consignation d'une machine

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    Good morning!
    Who knows how to translate into english the term "consignation", knowing it is the safety and prevention register, more precisely in the building worksites field, and knowing the GDT says
    La consignation d'une machine se compose (ou est le résultat) de trois actions indissociables : a) séparer cette machine de toute source d'énergie. La séparation doit être apparente (solution de continuité visible dans les canalisations d'alimentation en énergie) ou matérialisée de façon sûre par une position vérifiable de l'organe de manœuvre de l'appareil de séparation. b) condamner en position « de séparation » tous les appareils de séparation. c) vérifier, en aval des points de séparation, l'absence de tension électrique, de pression de fluide, d'énergie mécanique potentielle susceptible de se libérer, ou d'énergie cinétique accumulée par des pièces dont le mouvement se poursuit par inertie...
    Thanks for any help!!!!
  2. Camis12 Senior Member

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    Est-ce que j'ai bien compris que la consignation d'une machine = séparer la des autres installations et arreter de l'utiliser?

    Si oui, est-ce que "retirement of a machine" marchera?
  3. electre Member

    Merci Camis 12 de t'être penché sur mon problème!
    C'est vraiment un terme propre à la Sécurité et la Protection de la Santé sur les chantiers, en fait, la simple énonciation de "consignation" évoque la consignation électrique (d'un compteur) et mécanique (d'un vérin hydraulique). le sens de retirement est bien le bon, mais le contexte de sécurité et prévention manque... Une idée? Merci beaucoup...
  4. Camis12 Senior Member

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  5. custard apple Senior Member

    commissioning ?
  6. electre Member

    Could "consignations" be understood by english people working in the safety field on worksites?
  7. custard apple Senior Member

    unfortunately not
  8. electre Member

    I have found it in the Dictionnaire du Bâtiment, fr-an and eng-fr:


    Hope it can help!
  9. custard apple Senior Member

    Oh thanks, do you mean "consignment" in terms of "handover" ?
  10. Camis12 Senior Member

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    I think you will have to go for something like removal from service (as suggested on proz), and if you really want to include the health and safety aspect "removal from service for safety reasons". Its not very snappy, but its clear!
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    This is a safety issue, right? So we must be as clear and explicit as possible. I'd suggest:

    Remove from service
    Take out of use
    Make inaccessible

    Don't use commission/consign etc, they're too ambiguous, as Custard Apple has shown.
  12. Camis12 Senior Member

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    If consignment is in the dictionnary in English it might be ok, unfortunately I think you really need to ask some building site experts whether that is actually a word they use.
  13. crazynut New Member

    decommission? As in, to take out of use or retire. This is the term we typically use when speaking of retiring an old piece of computer equipment. I believe I've also heard it used in factories for large machines.
  14. electre Member

    What about consignment?
    In French, if you say or read "consignation" in general, (as moderators always say, context is essential!) , there's nothing less clear, but for someone working as a safety and health protection coordinator, for example, or as a building engineer, it is very clear!

    Perhaps it is the same...
  15. custard apple Senior Member

    In Australia, as noted by my colleague above, we say "decommission".
  16. TJB

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    Or "take out of commission"
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