consigne pour vélos et bagages



Can this be a "cloakroom"? I mean, I know this is where guests can leave their luggage in the event of late departure but I'm not sure for the bikes?
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    Cloakroom for me (as an American) is primarily a place where you leave your coat ie. at a theatre or museum. I would never use this term to refer to a place where I leave suitcases and a bicycle.

    In the United States, a place to leave your baggage (where employees take the baggage and give you a claim ticket) is called a "baggage check." In Great Britain I believe they call it "left luggage."

    I have only once ever encountered a place to leave bicycles in the U.S. and it was called "a bicycle check."


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    In the U.S., bike racks are metal structures where you can lock your own bike. It's not at all like a consigne.

    Other self-storage options (such as at Subway stations) can be called bike parking or bike storage or bike lockers. All of the facilities like this that I've seen (including the one with Bart in San Francisco) are for people who regularly commute from the same place ie. a subway station. I wanted to leave my bicycle there, but couldn't without signing up in advance and signing a contract! The "Bicycle station" link you provided appears to be a brand name, and also works with a long-term contract.

    I've only once seen in the U.S. a bike "consigne" where any random person can walk up with a bicycle and leave it for a set period of time. This was done during a festival after a 50-mile bike ride in Boston, and it was called a bike check.