consigned to wine and dine

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Poirot catches a boat from Istanbul, where he encounters his friend Bouc who is now the director of the famous Orient Express:

Bouc: I ride on the Orient Express at seven, official director business. Uncle pays me absurdly to stay onboard his gorgeous train...and far away from the home office...consigned to wine and dine handsome officials for all eternity. There is an art to nepotism.

Poirot: And you are its Michelangelo!

Who is "consigned to wine and dine"?
Source: Murder on the Orient Express (2017)
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    And as Barque himself explained in that previous thread:
    To "wine and dine" is to entertain someone, take them out for meals and drinks etc.

    It seems to be Bouc whose job it is to “wine and dine” people on the Orient Express, while his uncle is back at the home office.
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