Kathy Nguyen

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I have a small exercise which confuses me whether I should use consist or compose
Fill the right form of comprise/consist of/include/contain/compose in the blank.
The committee is ______ of teachers and workers.
The answer given for it is "consisted".
However, I heard that we can only use 'consist' in the active voice, not passive voice. For example, we can only use "The whole group consists of students.", not "
The whole group is consisted of students." but I'm still not sure whether it's correct or not.
Please help me! Thank you so much!
  • lingobingo

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    In the passive voice you could say that the committee is made up of (or comprised of) teachers and workers. But, as you say, consisted can’t be used in that way.


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    I suppose so, yes. Certainly you can say “is composed of”, whereas you can’t say “is consisted of”.
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