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hello agin
need some help with this if you could...

Podriamos incluir aqui la Consolidación de la carga, en función a lo negociado con el transportista internacional, la carga puede ser apilada junto con otras mercancías de otros destinatarios ya sea en un contenedor o en un pallet.

my effort without the term in bold

"we could also include here the........ based on that which was negotiated with the international shipper. The cargo may be stockpiled with other merchandise/goods of other importers be it in a container or pallete"

thanks in advance. I know "consolidacion" for customs purposes isn't "Consolidation"
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    and something else...

    "La legislacion peruana estableces ciertas medidas parancelarias que tienen por finalidad custodiar la seguridad nacional..."

    My effort:

    Peruvian legislation establishes certain customs duty measures with the aim of protecting national interests....

    can anyone help with "medidas parancelarias"?

    thanks in advance


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    Hi Lingus:
    Please open a new thread for your second post.
    Nevertheless, before you do that, please check that it's not a simple spelling mistake in the original and they simply mean "medidas arancelarias", without the initial, confusing, "p".


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    It's actually something that runs through the entire document... although I've never heard the word. Can't be a typing error as the "p" is at the opposite end of the keyboard to the "a".
    Nevertheless, I'll open a new thread for the second post. Cheers

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    Cita de Fenixpollo en el hilo de 'consolidación y desconsolidación':

    "Consolidation is the practice of combining diverse cargoes into single shipments, to achieve substantial savings on freight costs. In road freight, this is known as groupage."
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