consolidation/reinforcement of power

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President Trump praised China’s president for his recent consolidation of indefinite power and joked that he might like to serve as president for life too, according to a recording of a closed-door fundraiser which was obtained by CNN.

Trump Jokes About Staying in Power Indefinitely

What is the difference between “consolidation of power” and “reinforcement of power”? Which is more idiomatic here?


: to make firm or secure : strengthen

Definition of CONSOLIDATE


1 : to strengthen by additional assistance, material, or support : make stronger or more pronounced

Definition of REINFORCE
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    If China's president has succeeded in changing the rules that limit a president's term in power, consolidation of indefinite power makes sense, HolyUnicorn. Reinforcement of indefinite power doesn't sound as idiomatic or suitable in talk about consolidating the power that a president holds in China.
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