Consonant cluster vs Consonant blend?

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Hi everyone! I have been learning Phonics and I have been confused about "consonant cluster" and "consonant blend"

Are they being the same? My supervisor said that the groups: /tw/, /kw/, /sw/ are not consonant cluster? Is that true? If not so what are they?

Please help me answer it. Thank you so much!
  • PaulQ

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    It seems that "consonant cluster" and "consonant blend" are the same thing with different names (there's a lot of that in linguistics :D)

    I gather your supervisor is making a distinction (one I have never come across) that consonant clusters comprise a group consonants are pronounced in quick, but distinct succession (strong), but consonant blends occur where one or more of the consonants is indistinct or not given its full value/unvoiced (what)

    Because of this idiosyncratic use, I would go back to your supervisor and clarify what he/she means by the terms.
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