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Well , I have started working on this table with the consonants pronounce of several languages, far now, the main Neolatin languages, Hungarian and English are the ones which I have already written... however, I'm affraid it may have some mistakes, so I'd like that anyone correct it and, if possible, add another language as well.

Where it has a Ø, it means that sound doesn't exist in that language and the ? means I am not sure if that sound exist in that language and what letter, digraph or trigraph represent that sound. Ah, by the way, when I write digraph or trigraph, sometimes it is not a digraph or a trigraph, but I use those words meaning that you use those letters together. In Hungarian, even GY, NY, SZ and etc. are considered single letters, not a digraph.

Well, Thanks in advance to anyone who answers it! :) And I hope new languages to be added!!!

Oh ya, I forgot to say that, if possible, someone add the IPA symbol which I haven't written!!! Then, to those who know it, it will become better to understand! :)

_o/ Thanks again.
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  • I have added Dutch and added a few to others I knew. However I do not know how to insert IPA symbols with Excel, so unfortunately I have not been able to add the missing IPA symbols even though I know some of them.
    Also it is probably not complete, so I will add things when they come to my mind.:)


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    Well... the ones I knew and they weren't like /b/ or /h/ which I on my keyboard, I opened the Map of Characters and I found some there... but you may go to Wikipedia and search for IPA and then copy the symbols.

    Thanks _o/
    I'v made the Catalan Column!

    There are sounds in catalan that hasn't its correspodent IPA in the Excel. I didn't now how to add them, so I just filled the ones that exists in Catalan.

    See you!


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    I added also the Bahasa Indonesia Orthography in the table. ;)


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