Constancia negativa de inscripción de matrimonio

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  1. Fatn New Member

    Alguien sabe cual sería el equivalente en inglés para este certificado?

    Constancia negativa de inscripción de matrimonio

  2. Fatn New Member

    sería : [h=1]Single status certificate ?[/h]
  3. cirrus

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    Crug Hywel
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    Proof you are free to marry. I don't think there is a certificate as such. The process here in England and Wales is that you have to book your marriage at a registrars - in effect this is giving several weeks' notice you intend to marry. During part of the marriage ceremony the person running the ceremony asks if anyone present knows of any reason why the couple can't be married. Everyone looks around, generally there's a bit of quiet giggling, and then the ceremony proceeds.

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