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There is a thread (Traffic Collision Information Exchange) discussing what is commonly called "Constatazione amichevole" (for the context see quoted text below). Since "Constatazione amichevole" is not included in the WR Dictionary -- at the time I'm writing this post we just have an entry under the "Collins" tab -- and no discussion with this title existed, I just thought I'd create a dedicated thread as a reference for future users.
Below you can find the post on "Constatazione amichevole" from the above mentioned thread. Any inputs on the translation of "Constatazione amichevole" can be posted in this thread.

To complete the somewhat meager information given in the OP, the CID (Convenzione Indennizzo Diretto, commonly called "Constatazione amichevole") form is used in all those road accidents where there is agreement between the parties involved as to how the accident occurred.
For example, when one party is clearly responsible for the accident, use of the CID form -- duly filled in, signed by both parties and transmitted to the respective insurers -- will expedite processing of claims and payment of the settlement.

That said, the Collins Dictionary integrated into WR translates "Constatazione amichevole" as jointly-agreed statement for insurance purposes, which may not mean much to most non-native speakers, I guess (besides being a bit of mouthful).
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    la più autorevole fonte italiana in materia, l'IVASS, nella versione inglese del suo sito internet, la chiama blue agreed motor accident statement form.
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