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Hello, I was trying to answer a question in Yahoo Answers Italia pertaining to the Chicken and the Egg paradox. The questioner also asked what this phrase meant in English. I have not idea, but when I google it in Italian the chicken/egg question keeps coming up also.

Does "costatazione commune" mean something like "common knowledge" or "public consensus"?
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    Hi Alfredos, welcome to the forum.

    Please provide us with a full sentence in Italian. Thanks


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    Allora, ho visto questa frase, "L'illogicità del paradosso si basa sulla semplice constatazione comune che le galline depongono le uova", ma non riesco a tradurre in inglese "constatazione comune". Io direi: "public consensus" o "public opinion" oppure "common knowledge". Is there a phrase used today in English that corresponds more or less to this one?

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    Here it does mean that people have taken cognisance of the fact that chickens lay eggs, so it's common knowledge, as alfredos says..:) I think I'd change the sentence around:

    It is common knowledge that chickens lay eggs. Herein lies the illogicalness (illogicality) of the paradox.;)
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