Construct/repair/mend a road

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Hi there,
Today my question is related to the right verb to choose before "road"
Say if the worker is planning to build a road, can I use the verb "construct" instead?
How about after several years when the road needs repair, should I say the worker is going to repair or mend the road? Or there are some better answers instead?
Thanks a lot in advance
  • dermott

    Senior Member
    B.E. via Australian English
    Construct a road is more technical. In everyday English, for people who aren't engineers - like me - build a road would be more common. For me, the same distinction applies to repair and mend. I would say mend. Others might think differently.


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    English (American)
    In American English, one fixes or repairs a road, but does not mend it. BE or Aussie E might be different.
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