Construction 'The more... the more' with no verbs.


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The water vapor and dust particles also serve to reflect the rays of the sun. At sunrise and sunset, when the sun is below the horizon, the dust and water vapor molecules reflect the longer, red, wavelengths of light such that we can see them for more time (starting earlier in the case of sunrise and lasting longer in the case of sunset) than any of the other wavelengths. The more dust particles in the air the more colorful the sunrise or sunset.
(SOURCE : Dust )

Hi, I have some troubles to parse this bold sentence above. The most concern I have with it is there's no verb(or there're verbs but I cannot see anything). With this concern, it's kind of hard for me to understand it. So I've paraphrased it a little bit for me to understand it.

I want you to check whether my paraphrasing is okay. If you tell me my paraphrasing is okay, then I can be sure that I understand the sentence.

This is what I've done : The more dust particles are in the air, the more colorful the sunrise or sunset will be.

Thank you.
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    That's right. The construction 'the more ... the more' doesn't need verbs: a pairing like the one above makes a perfectly good sentence even in formal writing. Your version is fine. We might also say 'there are' in the first clause.


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    While I agree with ETB, I wouldn't use "are" alone but "there are" in the first clause, if I used any verb.
    In the second clause, it can be "is" or "will be".
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