construire son projet professionnel

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  1. victoria03 Senior Member

    je voudrais dire que mon parcours universitaire antérieur m'a permis de construire mon projet professionnel

    My academic programme enables me to build/construct my profesional project

    est ce correct?
  2. constantlyconfused

    constantlyconfused Senior Member

    English - British
    Both of those, while perhaps not technically incorrect, seem to me to apply more to the construction of an object or a building - I'd be more inclined to use something like: put together, create, devise, design.
  3. funnyhat Senior Member

    Michigan, USA
    American English
    I agree with constantlyconfused. "Develop" might be another possibility.
  4. kurban Member

    Ohio, USA
    American English
    professional project ne me semble pas correcte non plus. Peut-être qu'il vaut mieux considérer:

    develop my professional goals

    Ou est-ce que je n'ai pas compris le sens du mot "projet"?
  5. bh7 Senior Member

    Limestone City
    Canada; English
    My suggestion:
    My academic programme helped to clarify my [professional] career objectives [goals].
  6. Striker Senior Member

    Ireland English
    Could it be a "career plan"?
  7. bh7 Senior Member

    Limestone City
    Canada; English
    I think it very well could, Striker. Depends on context. Using constantlyconfused's suggestions above: "to put together/devise/design a career plan" sounds ok for a person who is about to or has already embarked on a particular career and wants to map out a plan for career progression.
  8. djstone New Member

    English - Canada
    I'm wondering if "projet professionnel" is equivalent to "career aspirations" or "career goals"...

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