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    Hello, everybody,

    I am translating a text about gastritis and I would like to have your help. The context is

    Exámenes para identificar si estás infectado por Helicobacter Pylori (puede ser por la sangre, heces o el aliento; consulta con tu médico de confianza cuál es el examen ideal para ti.

    My trial is

    Examination to identify if you are infected by Helicobacter Pylori (may be by blood, feces or breath; consult your physician you trust which is the ideal examination for you.

    I think is very literal, so I need your opinion.

    Thank you in advance.:)
  2. Ilialluna

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    Hola. Te propongo la siguiente traducción: "Examinations to identify whether you are infected with Helicobacter pylori (either in blood, feces or breath); consult your trusted physician which would be the examination that best suits you".
    Por otra parte, "pylori" corresponde a la especie y debe ir en minúscula, y el nombre completo en cursiva o subrayado.
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    En inglés diría que el "médico de confianza", aunque no lo sea, corresponde al "family doctor".

  4. bicontinental Senior Member

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    Nice translation by Ilialluna. I would like to suggest just a few changes based on AmE usage:
    Exámenes, when done in a laboratory, are usually called tests, i.e. blood tests. I find determine more idiomatic than identify in this context. Tests are done on a blood sample (rather than in). And tu médico de confianza when translated as your trusted physician sounds a little like an advertisement in my opinion…:)[I’m unsure if it could mean a family physician (primary care physician)? I'll leave that for someone else to clarify.]

    I’d suggest:

    Tests to determine if you are infected with H. pylori can be done on blood, feces or by breath analysis. Consult with your doctor to find out which test is best for you.

    Edit: I hadn't noticed fsabroso's post above...please disregard my last comment about trusted physician
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