Consulta de saldo

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  1. DBFL21 New Member

    venezuela - español
    como se traduce al ingles : consulta de saldo cuando se habla en terminos bancarios..

  2. Jerezgirl Senior Member

    Jerez, Spain
    Balance enquiry.
  3. DBFL21 New Member

    venezuela - español
    perfecto gracias!!!!!!!
  4. alpha-male Senior Member

    Peru Spanish
    When you want to check how much money you have at your bank account, an ATM gives you a piece of paper called "consulta de saldo" that states your savings. Is that piece of paper called "balance enquiry" too?
  5. Ticino Member

    Catalonia, Spain
    Britain, English
    In both cases, the most normal word would be "statement".

    You request a statement from your bank and the piece of paper you receive from a cash dispenser is a statement.
  6. lanueva Senior Member

    English - USA
    Here in the U.S., a "statement" from a bank is usually a monthly accounting that is mailed to your home. When you are using the ATM to find out how much money is in your account, we call that a "balance inquiry" -- and the title on the screen might say "balance inquiry" or it might say "check balance" (not "check" as in a check that you write; "check" as in "revisar").

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