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    Maintain throughout the implementation of the Program the Court of Accounts (CoA) to be responsible for, inter alia, exercising procurement oversight by reviewing contracts award prior to signing for contracts above the procurement thresholds set out as follows: consulting services provided firms, estimated to cost $1,000,000 equivalent or more per contract; and consulting services provided individuals, estimated to cost $350,000 equivalent or more per contract; and supervising contracts implementation as well as post review on contracts below said thresholds.
    What is meant please by "consulting services provided individuals"? Do they mean by this consulting services provided for individuals?
    Source: (RACE 2) PROGRAM - World bank
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    I am afraid the whole paragraph is complete gibberish to me... sorry.
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    They mean "provided to firms" and "provided to individuals". Omitting the prepositions is unacceptable in BE, but might be acceptable in AE. As it is a "PROGRAM" I assume it is written in AE.

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