consulting the defense contracts for JPL

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    Hi! I do not quite understand “consulting” here. The only definition of "consulting" I found that I think might fit this context is - "6. to give professional or expert advice; serve as consultant." But shows that it is a intransitive verb when used as this sense. ?... How do you interpret "consulting” in the following context?


    Broyles [DHS Agent]: Says here Dashiell Kim is a 1027. ... ... 1027: Criminally insane with knowledge of state secrets. Apparently, Kim had a sideline, consulting the defense contracts for JPL. You can't get in to talk to him without official clearance.
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    I think that it refers to serving as a consultant/adviser. It's an unusual phrasing, perhaps, and I might normally expect "consulting on."
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    bibliolept, thank you. :)
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    I wonder if it meant "perusing the contracts". Perhaps he had a sideline of reading through the contracts and gleaning secret information from them.

    I agree that it's an odd phrasing.

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