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I'm trying to compose a title for an article:

"Consumer Attitude Toward and Willingness to Purchase Genetically Modified Foods and Their Opinion about Necessity of Labeling These Products"

I want this title to say:

Consumer attitude toward GMFs,
consumer willingness to purchase GMFs, and
if they deem it necessary to label these products.

Does the underlined part one say what I mean?

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    1- If you insist that your title contain all 3 items described (attitude, purchase and labeling), then I don't think you have a choice but to write a very long title as you did above. You can't omit what you refuse to give up and you can "compress" only so much.
    2- "...Their Opinion about..." is pretty much standard in AmerE in all spheres except perhaps "academia". (goes back to the fear of writing or saying "she" and especially "he".

    3- I would opt for a much shorter title, for example:

    Consumers and GMFs (genetically modified foods): Attitudes, Purchasing practices and Product labeling :tick: :tick::tick::tick:

    I would use GMFs (genetically modified foods) as I did in my title suggestion simply because it makes you sound like you know what you're talking about (even if you don't)
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    It's very awkward to use the singular "consumer" and then use "their" later. (Also, "attitudes" should be plural.) How about "Consumer Attitudes on GMFs in Foods and Their Labeling"?


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    Thank you both for your comments and explanations, and thank you very much, reno33, for your suggestion.
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