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  1. Lechuga0401 New Member

    Hola a todos, tengo una duda sobre como debería ser la abreviatura para el título personal "Contador" en inglés

    En mi país, cuando alguien se gradúa de contador se escribe "Cr. Rodriguez", como sería en inglés?

    tengo la misma duda para Arquitecto.... aquí es Arq. Rodriguez...

    Muchas gracias!
  2. Franzi Senior Member

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    The normal form in the US is: "John Smith, CPA" ("CPA" = certified public accountant)

    However, people can only call themselves a "CPA" if they have the correct US certification. I'm not sure what we'd call an accountant certified in Uruguay.
  3. Lechuga0401 New Member

    Thanks for your soon response!

    In Uruguay they are just Public Accountants...they do not need that certification in order to practice...

    can I use that abbreviature anyway?
  4. Franzi Senior Member

    Astoria, NY
    (San Francisco) English
    No, in the US, the abbreviation "CPA" after someone's name means that they have passed a specific test and have a specific certification valid in the US. Depending on the context, it would probably be better to drop the "Cr" and use "Mr" instead or to use something like "John Smith, Public Accountant (Uruguay)".

    Is this for a resume? A work of fiction? A news story?
  5. MichaelCarter New Member

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