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I am working on a Colombian Spanish document. It is an amendment to a clinical trial protocol. The clinical trial relates to rheumatology. The sentence I am struggling with details the amendment:

Inclusión de los contadores articulares Dr. X y Dr Y.

I understand that the two doctors will be joining the protocol, in their role as 'contadores articulares'.
Given that the context is rheumatology, I presume that 'articular' relates to joints. I only know contador as accountant / counter / meter. I can't understand it combined with articular.

Is anyone able to help?

Thanks in advance.
  • Goldsmithtrans

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    In rheumatology trials, a "contador articular" is the health care provider who counts how many swollen and tender joints each patient has. 28 joints are usually assessed. The person who carries out this assessment could be a research nurse, rheumatologist or other observer.

    I suggest using "joint count observer/rater"
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